Even though we believe iGolf Powered is simple to integrate, we want our potential partners to understand how the system works. If you would like to receive additional information regarding iGolf Powered, please fill out the form in the Contact Us page. A technical support associate will get back to you as soon as possible.

What type of data format is iGolf Powered?

Specific formats and structures are created depending on the data needs of each partner.

How long does it take to integrate the dataset?

Documentation and sample data are provided to make integration as simple as possible. You will be able to immediately start developing with iGolf Powered data.

What do I need to begin integration?

Once an agreement is in place, you will need the data structure documentation, including encryption and delivery information.

What happens if a course is not available in the data set or changes?

iGolf employs a fully dedicated mapping team that continuously audits our course database. Any mapping requests for updates or additions are sent directly to the mapping team for processing.