Hosting one of the world’s largest and most accurate GPS enabled golf course databases of over 38,000 golf courses, iGolf continues to innovate technical solutions for top brands such as Bushnell and TomTom. Add accurate and proven golf GPS data to your products by partnering with iGolf.



  • Over 38,000 unique golf courses in more than 150 countries

  • Course contact data including address, phone number and course website

  • Detailed tee box information including tee name, color and yardages

  • Detailed scorecard information for yardage, par and handicap rating

  • Course slope and rating available for scoring calculation



  • Over 38,000 unique golf courses in more than 150 countries

  • Simple yardage for Front, Center and Back points on each green

  • Up  to 4 points per hole including water, bunkers and end of fairway.

  • Tee box center points for up to 5 tees per hole.


detailed course maps

  • Over 38,000 unique golf courses in more than 150 countries

  • Perimeter GeoData for fairways, greens, tee boxes and hazards

  • Advanced GeoData for trees and other obstacles (including size)

  • Customizable viewer library elements including fairways, greens and trees

  • Additional “custom” layers for drawing additional polygons, lines and points

  • Auto advance for one hole to the next and pace of play tracking


3d course maps

  • Over 20,000 unique golf courses mapped in the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia

  • Detailed elevation mapped and stored in our database for improved accuracy

  • Custom viewer library with detailed terrain mapping

  • 3D Hole by Hole Course Tours

  • 3D Perspective provides a 3D rendering of a golfers shot, from their perspective