Hosting one of the world’s largest and most accurate GPS enabled golf course databases of over 36,000 golf courses, iGolf continues to innovate technical solutions for top brands such as Bushnell and TomTom. Add accurate and proven golf GPS data to your products by partnering with iGolf.



  • Geo-coded hole renderings of 20+ layers for each course.
  • iOS and Android viewer libraries provide distances to any point on the hole for shot planning.
  • Multi-level zoom to inspect each hole's details.
  • Custom layer patterns to match desired appearance.
  • Worldwide listings for 36,000+ vector enabled courses.


  • Front, Center and Back points for each green.
  • Hazard data for up to 4 points per hole including water, bunkers and end of fairway.
  • Tee box center points for up to 5 tees per hole.
  • Easy to calculate Per Request pricing.
  • Worldwide listings for 36,000+ GPS enabled courses.


  • Course contact data including address, phone number and course website.
  • Scorecard data with multiple tee box yardages, per data and handicap information for the course.
  • Slope and course rating available for scoring calculation.
  • Display course listings on your website or mobile application.
  • Worldwide listings for 36,000+ courses.